Life Changing Moments

Lunch time early May 2014, I was sitting a the dining table with my then three year old daughter (The Kitten) and my son, who was around 1.5 years.

We were eating lunch and the Kitten looked at me and announced “When I’m grown up Im going to drink Coke and be like you mum!” This was an immediate life changing moment for me.

I stood up and tipped the coke down the kitchen sink, ditched the bottle and haven’t touched it since. My motivation was the discovery that I was just like my father, I wanted better for my children. I’d seen a book the week before…

…A week before: While looking in the book shop with the kids, I’d seen a book called I QUIT SUGAR, by Sarah Wilson. I thought ‘good on her’ and also ‘what’s the point of living without sugar!?’.

But after my Kittens comment I knew I needed to alter our diet, mine specify and the kids future meals by default. I downloaded the crazy woman’s book and requested the follow up book (I Quit Sugar For Life) for Mothers day.

I cooked pretty much all the sweet food first. I had to see if the sugar-free food was good enough in the cakes department. It was, better then I expected – a lot better. And so started my sugar aware lifestyle.

My weight dropped, I felt great, I was nicer, I was awake at 3pm and the kids were better behaved too.

Following on from the sugar change, I was directed to a Clutterfree with Kids book by a blogger called Joshua Becker. While it reads like a bunch of blogs that have been published, I did feel that cleaning up the house of all the extra items was a must. I’ve also read it a stupid amount of times. I also love the KonMari book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.

And now I’m influenced to do better environmentally. I’ve never really given my personal waste much thought. Use it, bin it, recycle – whatever. Now I want to do better there too. Limiting my single use plastic with an aim to zero. Reducing my waste. Composting – which is fun with kids and making thoughtful choices about cleaning products and skin care.

The Kittens Mum

Additional notes:

* While I considered Sarah Wilson crazy to being with, after reading several of her books I have a complete and total girl crush. The woman is onto something and I love her.

** Other good reads and sees That Sugar Book & That Sugar Film by Damon Gameau and David Gillespie’s Sweet Poison (there are many more, this is a start).

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