Periods; tampons, pads & cups!

JuJu – Menstrual Cup

Lets talk ‘womens business’ for a few moments. Most of us don’t actually discuss the details of this. Recently I have, and it turns out all my troubles are the same as the women I’ve spoken with.

Going back to my first period my mum insisted I wore pads. I hated them. They smelt, they weren’t comfortable and they were just plain gross. The next period I got, I used little mini tampons, I was sold. Then on the last day of that period I had to remove one that didn’t want to budge. That sucker had removed all moisture and I had to drag it out dry, unrelaxed and stressed out and felt very much alone – I was staying with friends 300km from home and not about to call for help. But from that day on my periods were less trouble and every 28 days I had my little biddy two day bleed. Life was easy.

Then I had kids. I had no period between my two children. I was one of those mums who has a hormone level so high when breast feeding I wasn’t able to ovulate. But six months after my son was born I got the period back (hormone were a bit different after him).

My Period was like nothing I’d had before, it was heavy it could last up to ten days and it came anywhere from 14-40 days apart, averaged at 24. I began having to use all 32 super tampons, changing sometimes less then hourly but not able to go longer then an hour! AND I’d have to wear pads. This has become my norm.

Recently I’ve been extremely bothered by what I consider is the ‘flow around’ of my period with tampons. They blood isn’t going into them; nope absorption is clearly a quality tampons no longer have and the blood (not blue liquid you see on TV) is going around the tampons. They always feel like they are up there, and slightly itchy. The sting is a constant annoyance, it’s either bothering me, getting wet, finding it’s way somewhere it shouldn’t be or just being a funnel for the blood to come out easier. Again, still wearing pads. What is with that? It feels like litres are flooding out each cycle.

Lets not go into too much detail about how somedays I’ll get up wee, change tampon and go on my merry way. Have a morning coffee and discover its poo’clock only to pop a tampon 30 mins after it has been inserted. This never happened pre-kids. It’s either to do with the body thinking anything up there must come out if I push or my pelvic floor is a thing of the past. Whatever it is – it bothers me no end and contributes to my tampon usage.

Things are changing.

Over the Christmas Holidays I managed to have some time to actually read (I hardly get to read at all now that I’ve had children – most mothers understand this). I didn’t however read a bunch of stories. I read a bunch of posts on blogs that had caught my interest over the last six months that I hadn’t had a chance to read. A few of them were by Erin Rhoads AKA The Rogue Ginger. She talked about Moon Cups, I’d never heard of these before. I decided they sounded totally gross (I have issues seeing blood), but at least someone was doing something environmental. Then I got my period for the THIRD time in December and did a bit more research. YouTube has some great explanation clips and there are loads of reviews and all seem to start out sceptical and turn into Menstrual Cup advocates.

This made me decide to strap on a bra and purchase one.  My Juju came ridiculously quickly, free of plastic packaging. And once I’d folded it the insert way, no bigger then a tampon. It’s size wasn’t ‘big’ to look at, in my eyes. I then eagerly awaited my period due date (day 24). You can pre-insert the cup, so I did this to get the hang of things. I used the shower method (this is just putting it in & taking it out while in the shower). Having read a few reviews I found this easy. Alas no period. Finally (day 36) my lazy period decided to flow.

Woo hoo, Juju day one. I can’t begin to tell you how strange it is to go to the toilet knowing you have a period but not seeing spotting, having string issues, bleeding – I mean flooding through or any other complaint. I couldn’t feel the Juju at all, no itching, no scratching, no strings to drive me slightly mad. No pads. I did check a few times all was positioned well during the day. This wasn’t really necessary but I kept expecting it to launch out and suction to a wall when I sneezed or rumbled with my son. A little over nine hours later I had none of my normal period issues AT ALL. So decided it was time to remove and investigate the darn thing. Shower time revealed it was doing the job it was supposed to do. Catching blood in the cup. It was easy to remove, clean and pop back while in the shower. Text sent to sister and cousin with expression of thrill over the cup.

Day two. While only up to day two, I’m hands down a convert. I previously mentioned I have issues with blood, however in the shower it’s quick and easy to clean and while you may wish to stare lovingly at your byproducts – I’m all about the bye bye.

I love this bloody thing (no pun intended). It rocks. I’m actually comfortable with having a period. As the Kitten gets older she’ll be looking at options for her period and my first suggestion will be for her to go with a Menstrual Cup. Screw tampons, pads and paying monthly medical supplies tax to the government. One purchase that should last me years! And it’s small enough to fit in my handbag so it’s always on hand (which for me, given my random cycle lengths is a major requirement).

Thumbs up for the Cup!!

The Kittens Mum

Additional notes:

*Tampons, I’ve never used an applicator. As a woman I believe you should know how your body works – young or old. Fingers are fine and easy to wash.

**This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the Juju myself for my personal use. There are other brands, I just wanted an Aussie made product that was packaged without plastic. I’m personally happy with Juju and totally recommend their product

*** Images of Juju are from the Juju website.

Update 9 April 2017 – Below…

I have given the link to Juju above (the brand I use) but feel it’s nice to add the link to other brands. This link is for Biome, who sell Lunette and the Diva Cup. I do have an affiliation with Biome and I receive a commission from Biome for any purchases from this link.


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