A parenting moment…

My son has many names, today it’s Ratbag! His boyish nature had him investigating things last night. It went a little like this…

Last night I went and brushed my teeth, my brush (through the paste) tasted soapy, I asked my husband if he had any ideas why it might taste soapy and he mentioned it looked like it had fallen into the basin. 

So I didn’t brush for long as soap tastes like $hi7 and went downstairs and ate some chocolate to get the taste out of my mouth. 

I know where my brush was and falling unaided into the sink was unlikely. I also remembered that Ratbag had been mucking around after his bedtime and assumed he had gone into our bathroom for a wee and a poke into cupboards. It occurred to me he may have dropped the brush into the loo and tried to wash it with soap… 🤢 more chocolate.

So this morning I quizzed him to see if he dropped my brush into the toilet – no! FEEWW!! I asked him if he had washed it with soap. No. Hmm, what did you do with my toothbrush Ratbag? 

His answer “Me hold onto it like this [upside down] and me put it in the hole in the sink!” 🤢🤢🤢😲😵😳🤢🤢🤢🤢 Is it ok to not like your child anymore? 🤢

Basically the little guy is going to be given away. He is so lucky he’s so cute!!

Parenting can leave you with a bad taste in your mouth sometimes. Thank goodness for Green & Blacks Organic 85% Dark Chocolate – and new toothbrushes!

The Kittens 🤢 Mum

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