Out with the old and in with the new

When this year began, I was looking for less chemicals in the everyday products we used. I purchase some products to try (before I became plastic aware) and the process of trying them out has begun.

After the Great Toothbrush Incident of 2017, I started using a Bamboo toothbrush and Moon Dust. I’m still open to trying other options but I’m not unhappy. The kids toothbrushes went bye-bye, replaced with Bamboo as well. Who knew plastic toothbrushes weren’t recyclable?? – not me.

Once our stash of cotton-tips is used up we’ll be buying the bamboo variety that we can compost. I’m looking forward to that small change, but for now I’ve started a jar for my plastic cotton-tips. Shop Naturally Cotton Buds  and Biome Cotton Buds

My deodorant. I’ve used the same brand for as long as I can remember (because it worked for me), it has gone! I’m using my trial size of Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant paste. So far so good, I like the scent too. There is always Lush who have a bar deodorant, I will try that one too. And perhaps The Rogue Gingers home made deodorant using Apple Cider Vinegar and water, I just don’t have a spritz bottle ready to repurpose for that yet. Black Chicken Remedies

Hair-ties. OMG, how did I never know these were RUBBISH. There will be an alternative on the horizon, Kooshoo Lila Hair ties look like the best options I’ve found so far – for now we are using up what we have, and popping the broken ones in my jar.

Moist wipes. We’ve used almost every brand for your bum, well… after stumbling across a CHOICE article advising that these don’t break down on flushing we have gone to an alternative method. Repurposing an old moisturiser pump-tub, filled with Olive Oil and some good old dunny paper. I’m sure any oil will do fine. The remaining moist wipes are being used for simply wiping over a toilet (if my son has missed) then going in the bin rather then going down the S bend. Choice – Flushable Wipes

Shampoo and Conditioner. I purchased Ethique Beauty’s trial pack and I’m itching to try these. I just have to use up the last of my current shampoo and conditioner first. I really want Ethique to work for my hair, I love what they stand for.  Will keep you posted.

One of the first moves I made was to try a menstrual cup. I purchased a Juju. I’m so happy with this product and believe every menstruating woman should have one. Hands down a winning product for me. Way less gross then pads or tampons and easy to clean in the shower. Or with a water bottle in a public toilet, although I’ve never needed to do that. I’ve noticed no smell and my periods have become lighter and I had my first 28 day cycle in about 10 years. Do you Juju, because you bloody well should! (sorry couldn’t help that one.)

Soap. Well I’ve changed from my old and perhaps not so trusty liquid varieties and have started using Dr. Bronner bar soap and EcoStore’s bar soap. I am planning on trying Vasse Virgins soaps, but I can’t decide on which one first. They all sound good enough to eat.  Basically I want them to be orangutang blood free too (aka Palm Oil). Vasse Virgins ticks that box and is WA made.

I did make my own laundry detergent which I’m not impressed with, so have purchased some EcoStore to try. I was using EcoStore in the dishwasher but ran out and got Earth Choice but I’m less then impressed by the double plastic packaging inside the box. My plan was to make my own, then I remembered I have no time. So it has to be purchased and it has to work. Without being damaging to sea life and all that micro-plastic.

Milk, well dairy. Oh how I’m happy with my Sunnydale Dairy non-homogenised milk and yoghurt. Sold in glass bottles and jars that I’ve repurposed for all sorts of things around the house and I would obviously recycle if I get too many. I can drink their normal milk and normal milk isn’t normally my friend. They do have a Lactose free version too and no complaints on that either. Real cream on top that is divine (or poke it down and shake it in). I’m not on Facebook but they are. Also Doodles Creek Mayonnaise which has low sugar (something I do look for and glass jar). Bannister Downs has some dang good double cream in glass too.

I’ve mostly been making my own bread, this was to do with sugar content before it was to do with plastic. I’m still not sure why anyone puts sugar in bread.

I’m open to new suggestions reducing damaging chemical exposure, sugar-free, zero-plastic alternatives so if you have any you’d like to share please let me know.

I purchased a second hand composter and I love it. Why did I resist this before?? I also had a moment where I simply needed to rush out and buy a new set of digital kitchen scales since mine of 20 years died and no about of battery changes could revive it. Then I remembered I own a Thermomix. Ah my trusty kitchen pal for the last 9 years is a set of digital scales. No new purchase required. Winning.

I’m constantly using my Recycle Right App – I’ve so much to learn!

We have been using Stainless Steel drinking bottles for a while since we all hate the taste of water out of plastic. And started actually taking my travel coffee mug to the coffee shop when ordering a take away.

I’ve stared referring to our rubbish bins as Landfill and Recycling. Actually taking my large collection of reusable bags shopping with me and using them. Taking a lunchbox into my local butches rather then using their plastic bag in a plastic bag, what ever happened to butches paper and paper bags? I started reading as much on recycling, plastic-free, plastic and environment in general. I have a lot to learn. Also I’m continuing my decluttering mission of our home.

It all goes together, eating healthy real food, less possessions, and plastic-free. The journey has well begun, small steps. But it is a start.

That’s it for now – I have pizza to make!

The Kittens Mum

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