Dental care and your environmental impact – eek!

So I recently discovered that plastic toothbrushes, replacement electric toothbrush heads, toothpaste tubes, dental floss, dental floss containers are NOT recyclable through  download their app to select your council. How many toothbrushes or tubes of paste have you used in your life?

I’ve changed to bamboo and charcoal at the moment and I’m investigating floss and other paste replacements.

City of Melville (my council) does not recycle used oral hygiene products. But you still can!  I stumbled across a collection facility for the hard to recycle items. TerraCycle. Start collecting in your home, school, or office; download free shipping labels!

The program accepts any brand of oral hygiene products (not just Colgate), it does not accept electric brush heads or electric brushes (or I assume, used floss.) Products must be completely used/empty, clean and fully dried.

They have several programs aimed at businesses and schools to be collection points for hard to recycle packaging or products such as mailing satchels used by Australia Post, beauty products, kids pouch & snack and coffee capsules. Can your company or school become involved?

I will be contacting my children’s schools, local pharmacy and dentist to find out if they will become a collection point for TerraCycle!

The Kittens Mum
Instagram: thekittensmum

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