The Gift of Experiences

Many parents struggle with our children’s overwhelming number of toys. As a child my sister and I had very few toys, treasured them dearly and asked for little. We played outside, shared everything and remember birthdays and Christmas’ for the day with family and friends – not, which toys we got.

My children have generous grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. As a result we are gifted generously for the children. It is overwhelming. For the kids and for us. The last few birthdays, the kids have been gifted ‘group’ gifts from their friends and experience gifts from us (parents and extended family.) fullsizeoutput_5b42

Experience gifts are a wonderful way to share special family time and make precious memories.

A few suggested experience gifts for you and your young (& old) children

So many choices! Great ways to avoid that plastic and the messy bedrooms!!

For our Kittens 6th birthday we (and her grandparents, aunt, uncle & cousins), put our funds together to get her a swim with the dolphins. The Kittens birthday is in September. This week (six months later) she had the chance to redeem her voucher.

Kitten loved the experience and I believe it’s one that she’ll want to have again. She had a wonderful bonding time with her father (who got a swim with the dolphins for Fathers Day.) Our little man also expressed his desire to swim with the dolphins too, he has to wait a couple of years though, until he’s old enough.

Rockingham Wild Encounters
Rockingham Wild Encounters swim with wild dolphins, penguin & seal island cruises

These photographs are from Rockingham Wild Encounters 

I have used photos from Rockingham Wild Encounters, these photos include my familiy members and the dolpins that they saw on the day. Unfortunaltey when I used the layout app their watermark has been cut off, this is not intentional. 

Memories are magic!

The Kittens Mum

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