School Holidays … The World is Changed

The world is changed. 
I feel it in the water.
I feel it in the earth. 
I smell it in the air. 
Much that once was, is lost: for none now live who remember it. 
The race of men, who above all else, desire Power.
They were all of them, deceived. 
One by one the Forests of the Earth were felled and the ice grew thin.
But there were some who resisted.
The last alliance of men and environmentalists marched against the doom and fought for the freedom of Earth.
Victory was near, but the power of the Change could not be undone.
It was in this moment when all hope had faded, the children took up their parents battle! 
The enemy of the Earth, was defeated! 

Okay so it’s a blatant rip-off from Lord of the Rings…

We spent a week in Busselton, Western Australia these holidays. Around the famous Busselton Jetty I noticed #take3forthesea posters around on bins, public recycle bins (wow) and free water refill stations (we have water refill stations around the Swan river but they are big and do charge as small fee).

Although gift stores located at Busselton Jetty were sadly lacking anything worth buying (as in reusable items or plastic free – like what you’d buy at Biome), this bugged me like it did at Perth Zoo (Instagram post with Tiger, Elephant and Croc pic) and even Irukanji. In fact, they had the same big eyed, plastic fabric toys at each location, to me – this doesn’t make them special or unique and why would you want them?! I purchased nothing. My Husband was somewhat softer on the kids.

You’ve just been out to see some amazing nature or some incredible animals you’d not see every day. You’re all about the world in those moments and you’re also generally happy and you want to take home an item to remember this moment… Wouldn’t something that is sustainable or plastic free or reusable be so much more wonderful to buy? Something that doesn’t damage the animals you’ve seen, that doesn’t damage the Ocean & Earth we need? Something that will teach and remind you to look after what you’ve just enjoyed?! Something that you’ll use and reuse over and over?

I watched Before the Flood too. On the same day I watched An Inconvenient Truth – 11 years later then I’d intended. (I was busy falling in love the year an inconvenient truth came out and when you’re newly in love, the world is an amazing place.) 11 years on our daughter has brought me focus on some important issues and so I revisit this documentary.

Watching these two documentaries on the same day is very interesting and it really makes me want to ‘step up’ on what I’m doing personally. I’ve proposed to my hubby that I get a DutchBike and ride the kids to their schools, this helps both environment (with one less car on the road) and my fitness level. He’s vetoed me, because he’s worried for the safety of his entire family in one bike. Boo. I will keep working on this one.

I’ve upped my plastic free and I’m looking at what else I can do. Because I do feel a tremendous need to DO something. I can’t just sit back an watch. I can’t let our children see us not actively trying to make a difference NOW. We are their example. I expect to see so many more animals become extinct in my lifetime, I know that this is the fault of Humans. And so many of the ones endangered are my absolute favourites (not that it should matter).

Watching the Great Barrier Reef die away is … there are no words. Arctic ice isn’t what it should be. Every time a shark is killed I wonder if people know the effect that is having? If you are near Nelsons Bay in NSW, Australia get along to Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters and learn something in person. Stop killing sharks!*

I’m not perfect. I’ll do things wrong. I will still have plastic in our home for years to come. Limiting the plastic coming into our home is wonderful, it’s a huge step for me and shopping in a bulk store is so much nicer then shopping in a Supermarket. Being mindful is bringing me back into the moment. But there are more things that can be done, and should be.

Before the Flood is worth watching in conjunction with An Inconvenient Truth. 11 years between the documentaries. 11 years and already change. A double feature in schools, a triple feature – add in A Plastic Ocean to the list. Fundraisers perhaps…

Last term I started contacting schools and dentists in the Melville shire area to be part of the TerraCycle program to collect toothbrushes and other oral hygiene ‘landfill’. I will increase my effort on this. I’ve personally signed up for a SmartLivng course in my area and I’ll be attending our local recycle centre to see how it’s done. And taking a long a bag of items I’m not sure on, yep I’ll be that annoying person asking questions. I must learn more to improve my own attempts at being better. 

#BanTheBag is gathering momentum. People are noticing. We are waking up from our consumption slumber.

There are signs everywhere that people are beginning to be the change that they want to see!! All is not lost. Lots of work to do.

The Kittens Mum

*I know this is controversial at the present time given a young woman has lost her life in a shark encounter in Esperance, WA. Her family and friends will be in deep pain. I’m sorry if my comments reach them and causes any further pain. I am a mother, my heart broke for her family when I read the news.

My view on sharks is that we need them. They are one with the sea and we must stop destroying their habitat, we must stop killing them for flake and fins and fear. More humans die from horse related incidents a year then from sharks, yet sharks are feared so killed.

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