We got one!!

This morning I was making a coffee and feeling very sleepy, I flicked through some emails and came across one from the Sustainability Team at Oberthur Primary School (within the City of Melville area, Perth, Western Australia). I became super excited, started dancing and the “We got one!” call out from Ghostbusters (1984) rang through my kitchen. Clearly the kids thought I’d gone insane.

Oberthur Primary School has signed up to TerraCycle Australia for the Oral Care program. So now toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers and packaging can all be collected in a box at Oberthur and sent off to TerraCycle to be recycled into something new, rather then going into Landfill! I’m so happy and so excited!

Since discovering this year that all 457 plastic brushes my family has used to date have ended up in landfill, I’ve wanted to do something that will stop them ending up there. I have changed the kids and myself to Bamboo brushes but I still felt awful about the 457 others. They will outlast me, my children, their children and many more generations to come. Then there are the empty paste tubes and floss packets – the horror!

If all our local schools become drop off points for TerraCycle, imagine how many toothbrushes (& oral products) will become something better then waste. TerraCycle do more then just Oral products, check out their website Aust: www.terracycle.com.au or USA: www.terracycle.com could your business, place of work, school or sports club become a collection point for any of their waste streams?

TerraCycle USA can also recycle swimming goggles, ski goggles and baby car seats because companies have sponsored this direct with TerraCycle. See the USA TerraCycle page for things Australian people are currently still popping into Landfill. Australian companies need to start sponsoring TerraCycle for their own products to be recycled through TerraCycle. Stop filling our Earth with used and broken plastic.

A goggles brand in Australia and New Zealand is Zoggs (I’m sure there are more). Perhaps if you started asking them to support TerraCycle we could recycle these super common products too. sales@zoggs.com.au / salesnz@zoggs.co.nz  Think of all the goggles used at home and public swimming pools, on ski slopes, at Surf Clubs, at the beach. Send them a message on Facebook, or direct! Ask the questions – the more people that ask, the more the companies producing un-recyclable (by shire/council recycle programs) landfill products will realise they have a responsibility to take action and lead by example. It doesn’t stop there, TerraCycle USA have so many waste streams that it’s jaw dropping. Would be amazing if business groups here got on board with TerraCycle Australia.

All plastic ever made, is still plastic. It doesn’t break down, it breaks apart – into tiny micro plastic, but still plastic.

Today though, I’m super happy! Can’t wait till Oberthur get their box up and running! I’ll be straight over there dropping off our old used, washed and dried oral care products – keeping them out of the land!

The Kittens Mum

I am not affiliated with TerraCycle or any other companies or schools mentioned in this post.  

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