A Few Tips I’ve Learned for City of Melville Recycling!!

I went along to a free tour to The Regional Resource Recovery Facility (RRRC) on Saturday and I’d like to pass on a few small tips.

City of Melville use RRRC (RecycleRight http://recycleright.wa.gov.au), collect our Organic Waste (green lid) and Recycling (yellow lid).

RRRC does take plastic bags for recycling (Coles, Woolworths type). Place them in your recycle bin and please tie them in a knot – make sure they are EMPTY. We do this with all bags and packets of any size.

Remove the lids from all your recycling jars, plastic bottles, containers. Safety for the people on the recycling floor and also they have to be shorted separately if they have lids on.

If you line your indoor garbage bins with liners, when putting them into your collection bins, spit the bags with scissors and leave the bag untied. Or preferably don’t use bags at all. Yes this can make your collection bins more smelly then they already are, you can always wash out with a hose or arrange for someone to professionally clean them (if it really bothers you.)

No plastic bags should be used as liners for the collection bins.

Biodegradable plastic just means they will become micro-plastic at some point in time, the plastic won’t just vanish. If you’re buying bags in the supermarket they might be able to be recycled (maybe) but they can’t become compost, unless they are the ones at Woolworths (Multix Compostable Bags).

RRRC recommend Compostable Bin Liners if you’re using ANY bags to line your bins. These can be used in home compost bins too. If it doesn’t say compostable, it’s not. All the rubbish in your green top bin goes into some serious pipes, turned and churned out as soil (WOW). What isn’t organic or compostable gets separated out and sent to landfill.

Contact lenses. I’m a contact lens wearer and I will always be. So I asked about the packaging recycling. Obviously the box goes into Recycling but the contact lens itself is landfill (sniff sniff). The plastic base can go into recycling but may end up in landfill and the seal should be balled up (ball between the size of golf ball – tennis ball) and recycled. I use my glasses for years without changing the frames but when I do I donate them via my optometrist.

IMG_0703.JPGAluminium foil should be balled up into a golf ball – tennis ball size for recycling (as long as it’s pretty clean). You probably saw this message at easter time with all the egg foil balls. It works for foil all year ’round.

I strongly urge all residence of City of Melville to go and see the Recycle Right waste processing facility. It’s pretty impressive. And download their free App or look at ‘your a-z of recycling’ on their web page.

I’m very much looking forward to the three bin system coming into our area. I hope that it’s very soon.

And as always I’m looking for more ways to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle what I have.

The Kittens Mum

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