A letter for the Kitten

Today, the Kitten watched War On Waste, episode 2 for the second time and requested that I contact the Government and ask them to Ban the bag in Australia. So, I did…


Mark McGowan, Western Australia Premier

Dear Mark

My six year old daughter, The Kitten, has requested that I write to the Government. She’s not happy. She has some issues with plastic bags and rubbish. The Kitten has seen how easy it is for a family to reduce all single use plastic just by being mindful and prepared before shopping. She’s expressed her need that I contact you “the government” to let you know she wants you to ban plastic bags (all thickness) within Western Australia. Actually she said Australia but I know that we’re only able to send this in at a local level.
Please help to #BanTheBag in Western Australia. 

During the April school holidays she spent an hour working away on the carport whiteboard. I expected to see some pictures, but was floored when I read what she’d written. I had to get her to translate some of the words for me since she’s only 6 and her spelling isn’t the best. There is a photo attached of what she wrote.
Translation here:
I am six and I did this myself
Mum is working when she buys food, she takes fabric bags to help the environment. Kitten’s.
Bins are for different rubbish, one is recycle and the other is landfill and compost.
If you are looking after the environment you are doing the right thing and that is good. 
Recycle – Metal glass paper plastic
Do not kill animals
Plastic ends up in the ocean, bird and turtles and lots of animals eat rubbish that is in the ocean. 
Landfill, plastic stays the same forever. Birds fly in landfill and they eat rubbish.
Plastic Bags, Plastic bags look like jellyfish to turtles they eat the plastic bags, they die. Don’t leave your rubbish at the beach or lots of animals eat plastic bags. Bit of plastic is left in the ocean. 
Landfill plastic shoes and clothes.
Version 2

Since The Kitten has shown such a keen interest we took her to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre for a tour on Saturday 6 May. And to our delight War on Waste has been made and is now airing in Australia, it’s now her new favourite TV show. She’s watched the first two episodes multiple times already. Remember she’s six, when I was six we watched Loony Tunes.

When we go out and play at parks, she instigates a plastic pickup collection. After she’d had lunch on 22 April, she collected 3 chocolate bar wrappers, a broken plastic fork and a used bandaid wrapped them in her lunch wrap (reusable) and took them home to recycle and bin.

While The Kitten is too young to vote or make a difference on a grand scale, she has certainly opened my eyes up to the world of plastic and litter in our state. And increasingly the issues in our oceans with plastic bags. For my daughter The Kitten and her younger brother I’m adding my voice to theirs, please, Ban the Bag in Western Australia!

Kind regards
The Kittens Mum

From the beginning the changes I’ve made have been because the Kitten has led me down this path of care for the environment, health and wellbeing. It’s a small thing to do to write this letter for her. I want her to always know I will support her changes and they will become my changes too.

The Kittens Mum

*if it’s in bold I’ve changed it from her name to nickname.

One thought on “A letter for the Kitten

  1. I’m so proud of Kitten. Well done. I will lift my game right now. I might even write to the Government too. Keep going Kitten and remember to Never Ever Give Up.


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