Initially I was low sugar (fructose), then less toxins in skincare, then toxins in home and cleaning products. Now I’m starting my journey of aiming for zero waste. I’ve come across some great shops with some great products. I am slowly, slowly stocking up on items as other items break, rip or run out. As I’m in Perth, Western Australia, some are online. Others are here in Perth. There is no order to my list. It has come about as I’ve thought of different changes that I’ve made.

I love Biome, they seem to have everything you’d want for shopping without plastic and without all the added nasties. I became a customer, started a wish list a mile long and I am slowly purchasing the products I think are the most essential first. I’ve raved about Biome on Instagram. I think this company rocks and wish it was in Perth! I have recently become an affiliate with Biome, any reviews that I do for them will acknowledge the affiliation and whether asked by them or because I’ve used a product I’ve purchased, will be honest in my assessment. 


I love Icebreaker clothing. I’ve been wearing this brand since 2008 when a friend introduced me to them by gifting me a singlet as we were moving to London. Icebreaker is made from Merino wool. I am head to toe icebreaker in winter, and have a good summer range too. Read about them in detail on their own webpage www.icebreaker. . Icebreaker do ask for customer services reviews when you purchase their items, on the last purchase I said how I am happy with getting boxes around small clothes but would prefer their larger clothes to come plastic free. They did respond to me advising me that this was an area they are currently working on – which is awesome! I am not affiliated with Icebreaker. I’ve come across an app called Shop Ethical! It claims that Icebreaker is Greenwashing, I have not investigated this as yet, but I will, as I do love these clothes and I want to know what I’m buying.

Juju – Freedom Products Perth

I purchased a Juju after reading about Menstrual Cups. Initially I was sceptical but having purchased one I am thrilled – this products is amazing! I wish I’d know about it sooner. They also have an option to purchase for Share the Dignity, I’ve purchased two Juju’s for this April 2017 #dignitydrive . Freedom Products will also accept any unwanted wrapped tampons and pads to pass on to those in need. I am not affiliated with Juju, Freedom Products or Share the Dignity

The Source Bulk Foods – Victoria Park

What a great range of foods and friendly service. They made me feel comfortable in my first visit to a bulk store and didn’t make me feel silly for using the old paper bags. I now go in with all my empty jars and bottles and they’re so helpful- love shopping here! I am not affiliated with The Source Bulk Foods in any location. 


Want bottle free deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and stain remover? Ethique is it. I started using their tester sizes first. I’m stoked with their products. I’ve purchased full sizes for myself and family and I’m not looking back! Currently I’m working through my supplies of other plastic contained deodorant and I’ll be changing over to Ethique for that too. I am not affiliated with Ethique

4 My Earth

My firs purchase of 4MyEarth were from Precious Organics. I love them so much I purchased extra sandwich wraps and food pouches as I was having to wash them every night. This way, if they miss the wash, I can still wrap the children’s lunches plastic free. I’ve had to add to my stock (direct from source) as I love their products and wanted extras. I am not affiliated with 4MyEarth. 

Precious Organics

92 Bawdan St, Willagee WA 6156 (formally Booragoon/Myaree area)
Precious Organics have a great range of organic products and some bulk foods. They are about Organics, not so much plastic free, but they do have some plastic free range. I am not affiliated with Precious Organics. 


Lariese have some lovely products. I have been using their Rosehip Oil as a face moisturise and their Elysium Argan Oil Organic Body Moisturiser, which has a scent that is so yummy! I won’t be buying Elysium though now (even though I love it) because it’s bottled in plastic. My current bottles will be repurposed in though home for other uses because they are good pump packs. My Rosehip seems to be in metal with a plastic pump lid. I’ve got no idea the lining as the bottle is still quite full. Once it’s finished I will have to see if I can figure it out. I may just have to put in a request for Elysium to be in little glass or tin pots or something… I am not affiliated with Lariese. 

MV Organics

Lovely range of toxic free products, seem to be mostly in metal of some sort. I’ve used their Jojoba oil, cleansers and hand moisturiser. I’m not personally buying more at this stage as I’m trying to move away from packaging and I prefer cleansing and moisturising with oil. I do believe their bottles could be repurposed though. Nice products. I am not affiliated with MV Organics 

Jojoba Australia

I love, love their Jojoba oil. The bottles are pretty and plastic & glass. It will likely take me most of the year to finish off the 100ml bottle I have, I use it as a face cleanser and occasional face moisturiser (and for cleaning permanent ink and food dye off the kids skin.) I am not affiliated with Jojoba Australia. 

Shop Naturally

I’ve purchased a few things through Shop Naturally. Haven’t spent a great deal of time looking at their website. I’m not affiliated with Shop Naturally. 

Hello Charlie

I haven’t used Hello Charlie myself but it’s made this list because it has organic ‘stuff’ for babies. Viewing the website it’s not plastic free. I’m not affiliated with Hello Charlie and I’ve not personally used them.

Nourished Life

I have purchased a few items from Nourished Life, great service and a good range of products. Their range is toxin free. I am not affiliated with Nourished Life.

Wonder Wheat 

I have two indoor cats that like to have daily poo competitions. Also one of them is a neutered male but he can still make quite a stink. Wonder Wheat cat litter is natural so I like it, also not too bad for smell. My boy cat refuses to use anything else. It does come in plastic bags. It can be composted in a worm farm but I wouldn’t do it in our regular composter due to contaminants. It is supposed to be flushable, once upon a time I used it with a Litter Kwitter and trained the cats to use a toilet. But then we had a visitor stay for a week who liked to close the lid and that was it, they stopped. I wouldn’t flush it using it in a litter tray but it’s sure handy for training purposes. I am not affiliated with WonderWheat or Litter Kwitter.

Darlings Downunder

I’ve purchased from Darling Downunder many moons ago to get Brolly Sheets. I recently went back to get some pull-up style reusable night nappies for my son. Service was great and the nappies are awesome. So happy not to be using disposable nappies.

Who Gives A Crap

We do!! We changed to Who Gives a Crap toilet paper and I glad we did. They are lasting longer per roll (because the rolls are bigger) then our old brand Quilton, which was wrapped in plastic. Also the cat isn’t killing three rolls a week. Which is nice. The family haven’t commented (which is positive) and I feel good knowing that they support communities who need toilets. I’m not affiliated with Who Gives a Crap. 

Buy Eco Green

Eco friendly office, school and craft supplies. I love stationery, I don’t need any yet but when I do, it’s good to know these guys exist. I am not affiliated with Buy Eco Green.


Organic cotton and plastic free hair ties. I haven’t purchased these yet as I’m still working my way though my dodgy landfill type. However as the last ones break this is what I’ll be looking for. They also do other head band type things but I’ve a pinhead (apparently) and look ridiculous in any headwear. So will stick to hair ties. I’m not affiliated with KooShoo. 

Essential Oils

I purchase essential oils from multiple companies. If there is any chance of internal use (as in toothpowder) I use Oil Garden or dōTerra as they are both food grade. I personally don’t ingest essential oils. As a general rule, I avoid pre-mixed oils. Cost to oil quality I’m perfectly happy with Oil Garden, I’ve tried to compare them (without a laboratory at my disposal, it’s preference based).

I use Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil for cleaning, and, Thursday Plantation TeaTrea Oil Antiseptic as an antiseptic or in topical lotions and as a cleaner.

Last Updated 14 May 2017