Here are a list of webpages that I visit regularly. I am not affiliated with a single one of them, I just find the information helpful. 

Sarah Wilson & I Quit Sugar

Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar franchise is a goldmine of advise on eating real food (recipes, books, blogs), avoiding toxins in products and of course not eating fructose (the bad sugar). She does eat fruit. Her newest book is about anxiety and I’m very interested in reading it as I believe it may help me with nurturing my daughter through her anxieties.

The Rogue Ginger

Erin Rhoads is living plastic free with zero waste. Erin’s articles and blogs have made me really look at my waste and my example to my children. I’d like them living mindfully about their environmental choices. The example starts with me.

That Sugar Film

Damon Gameau and his That Sugar Film & That Sugar Book show his health and life change as he experiments on his on body with commonly eaten foods with it’s hidden sugars. A must watch.

David Gillespie

David Gillespie has written about sugar, food oils and schools – he’s all over this stuff. Check out his books!

Maggie Dent

Maggie Dent is the Queen of Commonsense and a parenting advise ninja. Love her. See my page Mindful Parenting for more information.


RecycleRight is our local recycling service (RRRC Regional Resource Recovery Centre) used by City of Melville. They have a fantastic  free app and free tours. All City of Melville residents should get to know what goes on with their recycling and how we can help them recycle with less contamination.

City of Melville

This City of Melville is my local council/shire. They have Tree planing programs for verges, good verge collection services and great subsidies and rebates for worm farms, composting and Native Plant schemes. I purchased our composter on GumTree so I have’t claimed it. I do want to one day purchase a Pet Poo Worm Farm/Composter. However my husband isn’t onboard with this idea yet. We do have two indoor cats and a dog, so I think this would be a great idea – especially with the rebate. Any new plants going in our garden will be natives, so the subsidised system with City of Melville is awesome. 

TerraCycle Australia

Recycling programs for waste streams that our local recycle services can’t take. This company is awesome and for many of the every day waste streams FREE!! I’m currently attempting to get all schools in the City of Melville (and a few dental practices) to participate in the collection services programs and become Community Collection Points. I’d love to see every school on the  TerraCycle map for City of Melville. Everyone uses a toothbrush. Lets get them out of landfill and out of the ocean!

I now use a bamboo brush and so do my kids and home made toothpaste. For me it’s about eliminating my waste rather then just recycling or reusing. However there are plenty of people still using plastic toothbrushes and I can’t stand the idea of them being in landfill when there is a company who will recycle them.