I’ve been on a lot of websites, watching documentaries and reading as much I can to educate myself on how I can best change my personal habits. Those habits are about lifestyle not just plastic use. So this list contains documentaries, books and blogs that help with mindset, plastic, minimalism etc.

I am no affiliated with any of the authors on this page (books, shows, articles, blogs etc) nor with the documentaries. 

Here are a list of what I’ve come across…

A Plastic Ocean (Documentary)

A plastic oceanI wrote a blog after I saw this movie. It rocked me to my core. I hope that everyone sees it and knows that they can make a difference. The website is www.plasticoceans.org

Plastic Free by Beth Terry (book and blog)

Plastic FreeI initially downloaded this as an audio book but realised I needed it in my hands with a highlighter (you can use a pencil highlighter from eco stationery suppliers). It is an amazing book with so much information. Also the website for her blog is www.myplasticfreelife.com

The Three Questions by John J Muth (book)

The Three QuestionsThis book is based on a story by Leo Tolstoy. It’s pictures are lovely and the dialogue is simple. It’s about being in the present moment, helping those that need help. When you should do something, what is the right thing to do and who is the most important one?

Plastic Ahoy! Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Patricia Newman (book)

Plastic Ahoy! Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage PatchThis book was not cheap but I do feel it worth investing in. My children are young yet, but they will be learning about their environment. It’s important for them to have an idea of what we as humans have done so far. And perhaps there is a bright mind out there that will have a solution, if only they are aware of the problem.

All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper (book)

All the way to the oceanA book to read with young children or for younger readers. It’s a story of how litter goes all the way to the ocean from storm drains. And asks children what they can do in their communities to help prevent storm drain pollution.

Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali (book)

img_1651Buddhism for Mothers is a beautiful read, I found myself relaxing as my eyes flowed over the words. I was instantly able to incorporate her calming nature into my own life. When I’m stressed I try and read ANY part of this book, or simply sit and be until I regain my inner balance. Lovely, lovely read.

Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker (book & blog)

Clutterfree with KidsI have read this book many times, it’s a very quick read. I believe it may be a collation of his blogs, so there can be a bit of repetition. Regardless it’s great and I think when it comes to decluttering, repetition comes with the territory. Just when you think you’ve decluttered something – there is something you’ve kept and you think… why did I keep that?! www.becomingminimalist.com. A better review then mine is on TreeHugger.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo (book & KonMarie  business)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

I adore this book. Marie Kondo has such passion for her art and it comes off every page. Even translated to English there is no passion lost. I smiled the entire time I read her book. I fold my own clothes, sheets and towels with her method. I leave the kids to do what they will to their own clothes, the Kitten likes to watch me fold. I can’t help thinking  of it as ‘clothing Origami’ and it’s surprisingly relaxing and satisfying. This book came to me from a friend, I’ve read it only once. I love it enough I’ll be reading it again so have yet to pass it on. This is a great one to start with because she’ll tell you not to buy storage boxes, or items. YAY!

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Minimalism Documentary

I think the title sums this one up. It features a few minimalists and a little about their choices and paths. A good introduction to owning less. While I do follow Joshua Becker ‘Becoming Minimalist’ and have read his books a few times, I do not follow the two main guys from this documentary, ‘The Minimalists’. I find their posts a bit vague and wafty for my taste. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the documentary for what it is. If you’re plastic free, please try not to cry as they use take-away cups and plastic cups and straws – THE HORROR!

Endocrine Disruptors – Catalyst: Our Chemical Lives – ABC TV Science

I came across this link posted in a group on Facebook. Decided to take the time to watch it. I think it’s very much worth watching, it lines up with the science in the documentary A Plastic Ocean. I believe you could follow two links to the report Our Chemical Lives. One is via NIH (US Health & Human Services, National Institute of Environmental Health Science). https://www.niehs.nih.gov/health/topics/agents/endocrine/ the other via the ABC website and Catalyst program http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4207313.htm Our Chemical Lives appears to be dated 21 March 2015 on both websites.

The Story of Stuff

A good, quick information dump on how stuff is made and what happens in this process. The Story of Stuff is worth watching.