I love this homemade scrub. I always feel nice after using it and it’s great if I’m in a rush as I don’t need to do any additional moisturising after I shower.


1 cup of sugar*
1/3 cup coconut oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

you could add a drop or two of Frankincense if you wish.


Stir sugar into soft (not runny) coconut oil and stir using a spoon. Add vanilla.

Scoop into sealable, glass jar.


While I’m sure you can use this on the face, I generally just use it on my body after a wash in the shower. Skin wet, use a small amount on fingers and exfoliate. Wash off in warm water.

If you prefer other oils as a base, try Olive, Almond or Avocado.

*I used Dextrose sugar, because that is what I’ve got in the house. I’m very sure any grainy sugar will work.

I first came across this scrub from Sarah Wilson.