By Hand & Machine

I’m using dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder I’ve purchased from The Source Bulk Foods in Victoria Park. I take in my own bottles and they fill them.

I use White Vinegar (cleaning vinegar) as a rinse aid. If the dishwasher is smelling a bit funky I drop in 1-3 drops of Eucalyptus oil. I’m using Bosisto brand for cleaning.

I’ve seen a post from The Rogue Ginger, who uses bar soap and an agave cloth. I’m not quite there yet but as I go through this process perhaps I’ll get there sooner then I think, as I try things I start out sceptical but I’m often extremely and pleasantly surprised by the results.

I did attempt a dishwashing power, once. Bicarb and washing soda mix. The dishes didn’t come out clean and we gave it up. FYI:  I did once buy Earth Choice once, they are boxed the wrapped in a plastic bag and each table is also in a bag which wasn’t cool. I also tried a tablet I picked up from Precious Organics and while the tables were not covered in a plastic, it turned out the paper bag that they were in was actually a plastic bag. While I like EcoStore, the tabs are still wrapped in some kind of dissolvable plastic like substance, I’m not sure what it is but I’d rather avoid it.