I’m using Ethique bar soaps for Shampoo and Conditioner and I’m very happy.

I purchased their Sampler pack and I chose

  1. Heali Kiwi (which I’m using currently & love)
  2. Oaty Delicious (for the children, will also double as a body soap)
  3. Wonderbar (yet to use, will probably use for children)
  4. The Guardian (which I’m using currently & love)
  5. BodyWash Bar

The shower area looks neater without a bunch of bottles. I know exactly how much is left and can use it all. My husband adds his old soap to a new soap bar by wetting and pushing together, it’s worked effectively for him for years. No more shampoo explosions in my suitcases on flights. No more plastic -Yay!

Ethiques packaging can all be home composted.

Something I hadn’t anticipated in changing to bar shampoos & conditions was not needing additional products in my hair after washing. With my previous product, I needed a spay while my hair was wet just to get a brush through. So less products is a huge bonus. I also found having my hair cut recently that my head itched after they washed my hair with the products in the hairdressers, this stopped after I rewatched my hair with Ethique. And no, it’s not nits!!!!

I did try the “no poo” method briefly and well that wasn’t for me. There is a lot of work in that initially and I’m not a primping type. Perhaps if I’d left it longer it might have been less work. I’ll never know because I got a patch of Psoriasis on the back of my neck around my hairline that only went away after I treated it with Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother) and it hurt like a Mother, and then Jojoba oil. I’m sticking with Ethique now after that.