A very brief review of some parenting books I’ve recently read.

The Complete Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali

Buddimg_1651hism for Mothers is a beautiful read, I found myself relaxing as my eyes flowed over the words. I was instantly able to incorporate her calming nature into my own life. Three books in one, so while it seems large, it’s not that bad.  Lovely read and great to pick up and read any small passage when you need a gentle reminder.

Maggie Dent

Anything by Maggie Dent is great, she has a great many books and she has worked in so many areas that she simply has great wisdom to call on. She isn’t judgemental, which is wonderful if you’re feeling like you need some ‘help in any of her areas. Maggie Dent does a lot of seminars around Australia and I highly recommend any parents going a long. Her website has everything …   www.maggiedent.com

Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham

img_1652I purchased this book because I felt I was yelling at my children and I wasn’t happy with that. This book makes me feel terrible. Every time I open it, terrible. I’ve only got halfway though, I doubt I will ever finish it. Not the book for me. However, I think that there are some great points made in it and I don’t mind the articles I’ve read from her website. Maybe it’s the book for you.